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Suzhou Fluolyte Co., Ltd. was established in June 2010. The main industry direction is to develop and produce key energy-saving device core materials for large-scale power and energy storage lithium-ion batteries, carbon-based supercapacitors and chip aluminum electrolytic capacitors. - Electrolyte (conductive salt), which belongs to the high-tech industry of electronic chemicals, is closely related to strategic emerging industries such as new energy, new materials, new energy vehicles and energy conservation and environmental protection, and is a new industry supported and encouraged by the country. The company's core product is a new-generation lithium salt electrolyte material lithium bis(sulfone)fluoride (Li[N(SO2F)2], hereinafter referred to as LiFSI) for power and energy storage lithium ion batteries. So far, it is the only company in the country that has mastered the core technology for the industrialization of lithium Lithium Sulfuryl Lithium Sulfuryl Sulfonide (LiFSI) materials, and is the first company in China to achieve pilot production and market sales of LiFSI products.

SUZHOU FLUOLYTE CO., LTD Add: No10, Donghai Road Jiangsu Yangtzi River International Chemical Industrial Park, CHINA  蘇ICP備13053107號-1
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